Yvonne Simons is a Dutch artist, who moved to the US sometime in the early 1980s. I came upon her work while again searching through google images of contemporary figurative artists. I was struck by her beautiful painting Goltzius Series 1 which features several figures of Baroque proportions falling out of the sky. I recognized her as a kindred spirit as I greatly enjoy both sculpting and drawing the beautiful figure free in space. The similarity ends there though as I work mainly in black and white while Ms Simons is a wonderful colorist painting in lush, vibrant hues, canvases filled with light. It is interesting to see the work of Hendrick Goltzius (1558–1617), which was the inspiration for Ms Simons’ series. Goltzius’ figures are massive and he did paint several myths of people falling, but the scale is bizarrely different. Whereas Simons’ paintings measure in the several feet range, Goltzius’ engravings are in the 7 x 10 inch range. (link)
— Richard Claraval, 2012

"Similarly to my own source of inspiration this summer in Rome—which led me to paint this series—Hendrick Goltzius (Dutch, 1558-1617) spent time traveling and working in Italy and created the engraving The Four Disgracers. The common bond between the four falling mortals, among them Icarus and Phaeton, is that each tried to enter the realm of the gods and was punished for his hubris."
— Yvonne Simons, 2007

From NY Arts Magazine, 2004:

”A painting by Yvonne Simons, Putting a Spell On You, makes remarkable use of color. A figurative abstraction of several nudes reclining and upright female models, it is reminiscent of Pablo Picasso’s groundbreaking Les Demoiselles d'Avignon from 1907. Simons’ palette includes orange, from the palest tints to the strongest shades, with dashes of red and yellow, all softly blended, but each holding its own. Patches of blue turn grey where they mix with orange, balancing the composition perfectly. The color combination animates their dancing bodies. Although some might think that these are unusual colors for a nude, the results are pleasantly surprising and pleasing.” :: read full article here